Shakti Spike Mat Advance | Indigo (4500 piikkiä)
Shakti Spike Mat Advance | Indigo (4500 piikkiä)
Shakti mat Indigo toiselta puolelta
Shakti mat Indigo toiselta puolelta
Sinin Shakti mat Advanced
Sinin Shakti mat Advanced
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Temporarily out of stock

Temporarily out of stock

Indian spikemat has traditionaly been used to deepen yoga practice, relaxation, muscle pain reflief, insomnia and to activate lymphatic circulation. Shakti acupressure spikemat is good for both body and mind! This black version is both stylish and sharp.

When beginning Shakti Spike Mat use, you can lay a sheer fabric on top. When accustomed to the spikemat, use it for bare skin and lay on top of it with your full body weight. Use for 10-30min at a time, especially when using it for sleeping. In yoga practice, use the shakti mat during savasana or as a sitting mat during breathing excercicses.

The real Shakti Acupressure Spike Mat is handmade in India from 100% organic cotton. Shakti spikes are made of quality I toxin-free ABS-grade plastic. No harmful chemicals is used for the dye. Shakti Gratitude Factory sustainable and ethical production.

Standard Mat length is 10cm longer than the original Shakti Mat. Shakti Advance Spike Mat has less spikes than the regular standard or original spike mat. Less spikes means that weight of the body is on fewer spikes which makes the spikes feel more powerful. Advance Mat is recommended after using the regular mat for a while, when in need of stronger feel.

76 x 42 x 2,5 cm

520 g

Organic Indian Cotton


Inner pillow/mattress:



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