Energy Muse Necklace |  Musician with Coin
Energy Muse Necklace | Musician with Coin
Mukana pussi!
Mukana pussi!
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Tap into to the vibration of music.

Energy Muse strong yet sensitive Musician necklace is designed the vibration of music in mind. Handmade necklace represents creativity and the power of music. Aventurine has been considered for centuries as the musician's stone, supporting creativity and artistic expression. Obsidian stones are thought to bring our sensuality and free from artistic blocks. Carnelia reminds of the mind-body balance, but also encourages and motivates. Onyx brings protection and red tiger's eye attracts good fortune, also paired with a genuine 100-500 years old chinese coin. The chinese coin acts as a symbol for prosperity, good fortune and new doors opening. The coin represents good luck in many ways, the round shape is a symbol forsky and the square in the middle for earth. Use Musician necklace as a daily affirmation aide and just for the beauty of it.

100-500 years old chinese coin
Stones: obsidian, aventurine, carnelia, onyx, red tiger's eye

Recommended to use only during daytime, take off during Hot Yoga, sports and showering.

Hand made in USA

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