Energy Muse Necklace | 5th Chakra
Energy Muse Necklace | 5th Chakra
Energy Muse Necklace | 5th Chakra
Energy Muse Necklace | 5th Chakra
Mukana pussi!
Mukana pussi!
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Self-Expression, Truthfulness, Knowledge.

Energy Muse 5th Chakra pendant represents truthfulness and knowledge - made to honour the Throath Chakra. Energy Muse 5th Chakra necklace has a gurustone-like centerpiece aquamarine stone, encouraging to reach for a connection to higher spiritual self. Aquamarine is used as the stone of health, happiness and love. It was originally the lucky stone for sailors, but also to bring harmony to marriages. Beautiful turquoise shades in the 5th Chakra pendant represent peace, calmness, wisdom and truth. Blue as a color has ability to calm down nervs and aide with stress control, used often in such use in color therapy.

The Throath Chakra is bodys 5th chakra, with main themes of self-expression, communication, creativity and willpower. When the 5th Chakra is balanced, inspiration flows and connections with others work.

    Stones: aquamarine, turquoise, fluorite, azurite, blue lace agate

    Recommended to use only during daytime, take off during Hot Yoga, sports and showering.

    Handmade in USA

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