Heppa Design Yin Cushion Linen | Jeans Blue
Heppa Design Yin Cushion Linen | Jeans Blue
Khaki vihreä tyyny läheltä
Khaki vihreä tyyny läheltä
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Yin Cushion support pillow is an excellent partner for relaxation and claming down. Yin Cushions can be used in many positions and practices to help restorative practices and meditation. Lumbar support, help for sleeping and other benefit can be found when pregnant.  Heppa Design beautiful linen cushions are stirdy, filled with organic buckwheat hulls that can be adjusted. Heppa Design Yin Cushions can easily be left in your living room or bedroom when not in use - such a nice feel and look to them!

30 x 30 x 6cm


Linen cover
Cotton inside pillow
Fill: buckwheat hulls, organic farming

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