Yoga Mat storage fee for Yoga Nordic Studios
Yoga Mat storage fee for Yoga Nordic Studios
5,00 €


This extra service product is for your mat storage at Yoga Nordic yoga studios. Mat shelf storage locker free is 5€ per month. Please put to shopping basket as many months as you wish to pay for. This product is mainly for customers with already a shelf space and wish to continue it's fee. Mat storage availability needs to be checked when purchasing a new mat place. Mat storage fee is for Yoga Nordic Series Pass -customers, with a valid Yoga Pass. Some of Yoga Nordic passes already include a free yoga mat storage place in the yogamat shelf (seasonal and monthly cards include this service).


  1. Choose the product as many times to shopping basket as you wish to pay for months ( 2 x if you wish to pay 2 months)
  2. At checkout, choose as delivery method "Transfer to YN booking account".
  3. Knowledge of your purchase will be forwarded to your home studio by webshop customer service and reception will process the info to your mat storage locker

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