Travel Mats

Travel Yoga Mats are a great solution to nomad yogis that don't want to carry their heavy mats. A great Travel Yoga Mat is light (1kg), thin (1mm), foldable and with a good surface. We have chosen the best travel yoga mats, according to our yoga teacher experience. Towel Surfaced Travel Mats are meant for Hot Yoga and sweaty conditions, Natural Rubber ones have a ready-grip. Remember not to leave a natural rubber yoga mat out in the sun, it will dry up the rubber.

Travel Mats can also be used to cover rental mats at studios. Please note that travel mats are not suitable for constant use. They don't have the thickness to protect joints that 3-6mm mats have. Store even foldable mats rolled up, when not in use and fold only when needed to extend the life of the mat. Happy Travels!

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